HRM buys 22 new buses

The Halifax Regional Council has approved funding to purchase 22 new transit buses for the city. Four of them will serve the Woodside Ferry.

By Somed Shahadu

HRM is buying 22 new transit buses. They’ll be on the road by the end of the year and will cost $9.3 million.

HRM says in a council report it has enough money to buy up to 80 new buses in the next three years.

The new buses will allow the city to retire some of the older buses in their fleet. Four of the buses will be used to open up new feeder services for the expanded Woodside Ferry.

HRM spokeswoman Tiffany Chase says this will help improve bus service in the city.

“New buses are significant improvement to the passenger experience,” she says. “Older buses sometimes experience maintenance issues and that means we sometimes have to drop trips or trips are delayed.”

Chase says councillors are keen to reduce carbon emissions in the city and the new buses will do just that.

“It’s environmentally efficient to have new buses due to new diesel engine technology and fuel economy as well,” she says.

“Some of them are 25 years old and close to the end of their life span.” Chase says the older the buses are, the more greenhouse emissions they produce.

Bill Thompson, a worker at a retail shop in Woodside, is excited over the possibility of riding the bus to work.

“I’d rather grab the bus and save money,” he says about leaving his car home and riding in the bus to work.