Cavs lose to undefeated Citadel girls basketball

By Siobhan Reid

The Cole Harbour Cavs varsity girls basketball team entered a tough match against the Citadel Phoenix Monday evening knowing their chances at a win were slim.

The Cole Harbour Cavs, in blue, put in a valiant effort Monday night against the undefeated Citadel girl's basketball team. (Siobhan Reid photo)

Despite the Cavs’ improved performance in the fourth quarter, Citadel took a 87-37 home victory, capping an undefeated regular season as they enter the city semifinals Wednesday.

They didn’t win, but Cole Harbour fan Gerry Simmonds said it was an expected result.

“The goal was just to finish the season off,” said Simmonds, whose daughter Maya plays on the Cavs, “because they know they’re no match for Citadel. They just barely made the playoffs.”

Phoenix’s 15-game winning streak comes as no surprise to Citadel varsity boys player Isaiah Thomas.

“Citadel always dominates because it’s like two high schools combined into one. So there are a lot more students and a wider variety to pick from.”

Fellow teammate Travis Adams concurs.

“Citadel stays strong as a team and they work together. Good coach too.”

Phoenix coach Ian Macrae believes there are more important things for his team to pursue than just walking away with a win. Macrae says there are three lofty expectations he holds his girls to every game.

“Defensively, our goal is to be the best team in the province, the most unselfish team in the province and the hardest working team in the province,” he said.

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Citadel Coach Ian Macrae discusses the girls’ game winning strategy.

As for the Cavs, coach Jerome Sparks hopes the loss will give his team a better idea of what it takes to “play the best in the province and, actually, the best in Atlantic Canada.”

“Take a loss as a punch in the gut. Come back, get off the canvas, and fight for next year.”