Dal student launches clothing line

Kathryn Line designs and hand makes her locally sold clothing line called Graceland.

By Lucie Edwardson

Kathryn Line designs and hand makes her locally sold clothing line called Graceland.

Kathryn Line working on her clothing line Graceland Clothing (Lucie Edwardson photo)

Line started sewing in grade 9, after she was put into a sewing class at school, and continued on and off throughout high school. In May 2011, Graceland Clothing was born.

Line is a third year commerce student at Dalhousie. She started Graceland as a part of her co-op term. Although most students generally work for someone else during their co-op, Line thought an entrepreneurial co-op was the perfect way for her to start doing what she loves: designing and making clothing.

“I started making things and I had things in stores around the middle of summer,” said Line. Her clothing can be purchased at local Halifax stores such as ‘Put Me On’ and ‘Lost and Found’.

How Graceland Clothing got started

Kathryn Line discusses how she started Graceland Clothing.

The name Graceland is inspired by Line’s middle name, a name she got from her grandmother.

“My grandmother is always the one who encouraged me to sew and do crafty things, and I think probably who I got my crafting talent from,” says Line.

Graceland model, and client, Kat Nguyen says she loves the versatility and design of Line’s clothing.

“Everything about Graceland clothing is very feminine, and it’s very easy to mix and match her pieces as they are very simple, yet stylish,” says Nyugen, “I like how there are only a few pieces of each clothing so not everyone is walking around with the same item of clothing on.”

On being an entrepreneur
Graceland 2 

Kathryn Line gives other young entrepreneurs a few words of advice.

Nyugen says that the fact that Line is a local designer draws her to the clothing as well.

Line, who is a part time barista at Coburg Coffee is in the midst of working on a special project for the local coffee shop.

“I’m making them new aprons,” says Line.

Line says she’s using lots of really fun floral and fruity patterns for the aprons.

She hasn’t had a lot of time this semester with her busy school schedule to get started on the next project, which is the Graceland summer line.

“I love making summer stuff,” says Line, “I find it more fun and rewarding than winter stuff, so hopefully I’ll get back into it soon.”

Graceland Clothing Facebook page

Line says doing an entrepreneurial co-op has really been a labor of love and offers a few words of advice to fellow young entrepreneurs.

“You really have to love it more than anyone else,” says Line.

Photos by Mitch Taylor