Avid Apparel looks to expand

Custom clothing company Avid Apparel, owned by fourth-year Dalhousie student Jesse Guth, is expanding.

Jesse Guth promotes his Avid Apparel laptop stickers. (Allie Sweeting photo)

By Allie Sweeting

Custom clothing company Avid Apparel, owned by fourth-year Dalhousie student Jesse Guth, is expanding.

“We are hiring campus reps at different universities across Canada,” says Guth.

Michaela Mersch, a good friend to Jesse and model for his recent ad campaign, sees a promising future for Avid Apparel.

He is branching out to Toronto next year,” says the second-year Dalhousie student. “He is opening an office in Scarborough and he’ll have a bunch of reps out here so I think it could get pretty big.”

Mersch attributes much of Avid Apparel’s success to Guth’s character.

Guth holds one of his promotional T-shirts. (Allie Sweeting photo)

“He’s extremely personable. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like Jesse,” says Mersch. “He’s really on top of his work, very reliable, a really good friend and he’s smart.”

Guth’s goal is to offer a more personal experience to his customers.

“I find that Avid educates and informs during the whole process, so at the end of it you know you’ve made the right decision because we’ve walked you through part by part.”

The process Guth referred to is the steps taken to create the clients’ personalized piece of clothing.

The client first places an order on the companies’ website, then an Avid rep works with the client to pick and develop their design. The final product is a custom printed or embroidered apparel.

Mersch calls Avid young, fresh and something new.

“My favourite product is his funny lines on his shirts for his advertising [such as], ‘You just proved t-shirt advertising works, now stop looking at my chest.’”

About a month ago Guth got a few close friends together for a photo shoot to take some promotional pictures for the Avid Apparel website and Facebook page.

Avid models, Michaela Mersch and Emily Tauro, promotes some custom clothing. (Avid Apparel photo)

“Jesse called me up and said that we would have a photo shoot with champagne and chocolate strawberries, so I couldn’t say no,” says Mersch. “We just had a really good time, put a video together, had some music, were dancing around. It was fun.”

This fun and friendly atmosphere is a reflection of the company as a whole, and sets it apart form other custom clothing companies.

Guth believes that Avid Apparel is seen by customers as more of a cool brand rather than just a plain screen printer.

“I mean you walk around the library at Dal and you see people with Avid stickers on their laptops. I’ve got my car covered in stickers so people see it.”

Jesse Guth and the Avid models at last month's photo shoot. (Avid Apparel photo)

The three words Guth believes represents Avid Apparel best are, “Leaving customers happy.”

“As long as they’re happy at the end of the day, then I know they’ll spread the word about Avid, and they’ll come back.”

Guth’s expansion plan is to have a presence at many universities across Canada.

“To have these reps immersed in their university community, and be the go-to people when it comes to custom clothing needs on campus.”

Mersch suggests that the company could more than triple in size in a year’s time.



Jesse Guth discussing how Avid Apparel got started.