Beauty and style paint the town gold

Golden is the new monthly event that is exclusive for those in the fashion and style industry. The event brings together local photographers, models, designers, fashion students and more; for a night of style, beauty and giveaways.

By Megan Rudson

Inside Pacifididididi (Megan Rudson photo).
Pacifico Dancebar (Megan Rudson photo).

Golden is the new monthly event that is exclusive for those in the fashion and style industry. The event brings together local photographers, models, designers and fashion students.

“Golden are events I conceived near the end of last year, to try to have some fun and get people engaged, excited and involved with the local fashion and design scene,” says event creator Logan Hudak.

Hudak opened up the hip clothing and accessory store 24 Twenty Eight last year, located at the corner of Sackville Street and Granville Street. This is where he got the initial motivation to create Golden. “It only seemed appropriate since I had recently opened up a new clothing boutique downtown and I have been throwing parties for years throughout the Atlantic provinces.”

Hudak’s store, 24 Twenty Eight (Megan Rudson photo).

Hudak and his friend, Lee Fraser, started 24 Twenty Eight together. They are both interested in music and fashion. Both DJ and promote all over town.

The first Golden event was in January. The next event is to take place on March 18 at Pacifico Dancebar on Barrington Street.

“We do things like local designer showcases, hair and makeup shows and fashion photography contests,” said Hudak.

The event is open to anyone who studies or works in the fashion and beauty industry. You can get in for free by showing identification and proof of your employment at the event. You can also participate by messaging Hudak through the events Facebook page. The page is called: Golden-Halifax Fashion and Beauty Industry Night @ Pacifico.

The events are themed, and each have a different motif. “I have planned a lingerie show, a 50’s pin-up girl and burlesque show, and a local retailer showcase coming up into summer,” says Hudak.  Walking the runway at some of the shows are models from the City Models Agency in Halifax.

The event process all started with a creative idea and a lot of hard was involved to make it a reality. Hudak started by planning the decorations and finding staff. He made flyers and found sponsors. Then, he held a model call at his store.

Pacifico Dancebar (Megan Rudson).

After the first two events, reactions have been positive. Hudak said, “These events are meant to be fun and get people talking and working together and exposing local models, photographers and designers.”

The goal for creating Golden was to foster collaborations between people in the fashion and style community. “Ultimately, I hope it encourages more people to become active members of the community and spend money with the sponsors and in my store so I can continue to take on bigger and different events like this and tell the world about this awesome city and the talented people here.”

The event is sponsored by Redken, Boxfresh, Maritime Beauty, Jonathan Neil Salon, Russian Standard Vodka and more.