Business style with an old school twist

Dalhousie student Derek Doyle adds a classy, old-school feel to his everyday look.

By Hanna McLean

Sweatpants, T-shirts, and flip flops – this is what the average 19-year-old would typically wear to class, but for Derek Doyle that is not the case.

Doyle’s wardrobe consists of finely tailored suits and leather dress shoes that he keeps in pristine condition. He stands out from the typical university male student and his formal and stylish way of dressing gets peoples’ attention. “I always do get comments, for sure. Just like, ‘you look so fancy’ or ‘you’re all dressed up,’ but for me it’s just normal for me to dress this way.”

Doyle, who has been keen on men’s fashion for a number of years, sees his style as an important expression of who he is. “I know a lot of guys probably don’t put much effort into their looks, but I see it as a pretty important part of my day.”

Doyle, a commerce student at Dalhousie, is finishing up his co-op at Deloitte Canada, where he fit right into the business-casual atmosphere. “It was nice to get to go to a job where you are expected to look your best,” he says. “All of my colleagues acknowledged the way I put myself together. That was great.”

Getting His Look Right

The way Doyle puts himself together is a process, starting with his hair. He uses Brylcreem, a men’s hairstyling product that has been around for generations. “This is the stuff they used to use in, like, the 50’s; very old school.” After his hair, Doyle likes to use his vintage shaving kit for a daily clean shave. “Hygiene is a big part of looking your best; you can’t be dressed nicely and neglect your hair,” he says.

Although Doyle has some high-end suits, he says you don’t need a whole lot to get his slick look. “I have some jackets from H&M that cost me like 50 bucks,” he says. “One time at work a guy asked where I get my suits made because my jacket had such a good fit.”

Doyle is fond of one jacket in particular: his Dalhousie Commerce leather bomber. “I wear it often, I enjoy my program and it sort of has an old school feel to it. It seems to go well with most of my wardrobe,” he says.

After the hair, the shave, and the suit, Doyle adds that it’s the little things that truly make his personal style. “I always have some cuff links on; they definitely complete my formal look most days, but don’t get me wrong- I dress causal too, just not in the plaid pj’s and a hoodie kind of way.”