Charity game raises money for IWK

The sixth annual Dalhousie Residence Charity Face-Off hockey game raised more than $ 17 000 for the IWK Health Centre Foundation.

By Shannon Galley

The sixth annual Dalhousie Residence Charity Face-Off hockey game  raised  more than $ 17 000 for the IWK Health Centre Foundation.

Trojans with the Monroe Cup after the game (Photo Credit: Shannon Galley)

The game pits the Trojans – Howe Hall, Mini Residence, Gerard Hall and O’Brien Hall – against The Big Horns – Sheriff Hall, Risley Hall, and Eliza Ritchie Hall. The IWK  has partnered with the Dalhousie Residence Charity Face-Off Committee for the past  four years.

Joanna Hamilton, the Manager of Annual Giving at the IWK Foundation, says she was delighted to have the opportunity to be at the game to drop the puck, present the awards, and receive the cheque.

“In 2008 the event raised $10,000, $20,000 in 2009, $25,000 in 2010, and a minimum of $17,000 in 2011, but the total amount won’t be finalized for a couple of weeks.”

Trojan and Big Horn fans stood divided in the stands. The chants and heckles started early and continued throughout the game. The final score was 4-3 for the Trojans, in an overtime decision that had the fans on both sides screaming, cheering and jeering right to the end. Adam Ansham netted the game winner for the Trojans with just over three minutes left in the overtime period.


Carla Britten, the Residence Life Manager at Risley Hall, says the money raised  is an ongoing team effort with the Dalhousie Residence Charity Face-Off Committee.

“On game day it is very much Trojans versus Big Horns, but throughout the year everyone works together on fundraising.”

(Photo Credit: Shannon Galley)


Blake McMacken, a Trojan, played in his first Residence Charity Face-Off game this year.

“It was a great experience, I didn’t play last year, but I will definitely be trying out for the team again next year,” McMacken says. “It’s a fun atmosphere.”

McMacken lives in Howe Hall and says they had two major fundraising events leading up to the charity game. A Zumba night with Richard Gromley and a Superbowl Party in Howe Hall which raised almost $1,000.

Joanna Hamilton accepts a cheque for the IWK after the game (Photo Credit: Shannon Galley)

Thomas McGoey, a first year Big Horns player from Eliza Ritchie Hall, participated in several fundraising events such as a player auction, bottle drive, pie-in-the-face booth, and a candy gram delivery for Valentine’s Day. McGoey says the game was a great experience and the fundraising events helped the team to bond and play better.

“Even though we didn’t win, it was a great game to watch and play,” says McGoey. “The crowd was amazing too, they were so loud it was almost impossible to communicate on and off the ice.”

“The IWK Foundation is so grateful for the funds raised from the Dalhousie Residence Charity Face off,” Hamilton says. “Support from this fantastic event helps the IWK purchase vital medical equipment, fund ground breaking research, and offer programs that bring comfort to families during difficult times. Thank you to the committee, residences and university students.  You are helping make our communities better places.”