Citadel Phoenix win NSSAF basketball championship

Citadel Phoenix girl’s basketball team wins 63-35 against Riverview High Royals at NSSAF championships.

By Amaris Bourdeau

The Citadel Phoenix girl’s basketball team won 63-35 against the Riverview High Royals at the NSSAF championships.

Citadel Phoenix before championship game (Amaris Bourdeau photo)

Last year’s devastating loss against the Charles P. Allen Cheetahs made this winning game even more glorious.

The tournament ran from Thursday, March 1, to Saturday, March 3. During this time, it was obvious who the crowd favoured, judging by its cheers.

“Citadel has a really good team,” says Kyle Hobbs, a student at Citadel High School. “Their defense is amazing.”

“Citadel’s won every game I’ve seen,” says Amy Chadwick, who was at the championship game. “I’d say they have a really good chance at winning. They deserve it too.”

The team captain Angelina Carvery, age 18, height 5’10″, who played spectacularly throughout the tournament says, “The Phoenix trained rigorously for the tournament.”

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Team captain Angelina Carvery on her hopes for the final championship. 

Team captain Angelina Carvery on her hopes for the final championship.

Carvery is set to play for the Saint Mary’s Huskies in the Fall. Fortunately for the Phoenix, their team play is one of their strongest features.

Carvery says she will miss playing for Citadel but she can’t wait to get started with the Huskies, as she loves the team and plays her best when training with the team’s coach.

She doesn’t leave without a few tips for the team’s next season, stressing the importance of playing their best for the full game, rather than half of it.

Angelina Carvery on winning the NSSAF girls’ senior varsity basketball championship.