City warns that “Distractions Kill”

Halifax is pushing a new campaign, “Distractions Kill,” to keep its citizens safe when using crosswalks.

By Peter Nolan-Smith

While looking both ways before crossing the street may seem like common sense to many, the city of Halifax feels that people need a more graphic reminder.

In cooperation with the police department, Halifax is pushing a new campaign to keep its citizens safe when using crosswalks.

The campaign features the slogan “Distractions Kill”. It’s accompanied by the image of a bloodied woman’s body and a distraught driver who has just struck her with his vehicle.

The campaign, aimed at both pedestrians and drivers, is featured prominently on buses across the HRM and on television.

“I think it’s a very important message in today’s society. Individuals are texting while driving and it’s a dangerous hazard,” says 24-year-old motorist Kenny Cato in response to the campaign.

The campaign is accompanied by a website that includes a short video depicting the chain of events that leads up to the accident featured on the advertisements.

The site has been deliberately designed to be inaccessible to mobile devices. Those that attempt to access the site via mobile device receive a message of disapproval.

“This is a city campaign but it has the full support of the police department,” said public relations officer Const. Pierre Bourdages, who also stated that the department would be adding to the initiative in their own way.

The two-pronged approach will see a stepping-up in the enforcement of Halifax’s anti-texting traffic laws along with the advertisements.