Chicken Burger set to open on Queen St.

Colin MacDonald, son of Mickey MacDonald, who is the CEO and owner of The Chicken Burger, one of Bedford’s most famous restaurants, has decided to open a new location on 1468 Queen Street, Halifax.

Nadine Haddad smiles at the 'The Chicken Burger". (Zeina Jreige photo)

Fans of The Chicken Burger won’t have to trek to Bedford or the Airport to enjoy one of their famous chicken sandwiches.

That’s because a new location is opening on The Peninsula.

Colin MacDonald, son of Mickey MacDonald, owner and CEO of  the Bedford Chicken Burger, has decided to open a new location on 1468 Queen Street, Halifax.

Now taking the position of restaurant manager, MacDonald says that he wants to build on the tradition that the Innes family, the original founders, created.

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He says that instead of trying to make the Queen Street location modern and inventive, he’d rather compliment the simplicity of the original diner.

Colin MacDonald’s father, Mickey MacDonald, says breakfast sandwiches will be the only change for the new branch, catering to the early morning crowds who work within walking distance.

The new location was inspired by multiple requests from customers to expand.

“One of the biggest things people say is, ‘I’d probably go more if it was closer,’” says Colin MacDonald.

Nadine Haddad, a Bedford native who has grown up eating at The Chicken Burger, thinks the opening is strategic, “summer is just around the corner and, here in Bedford, The Chicken Burger is a great place to hang out, grab some delicious food, eat an ice-cream cone and just sit back and enjoy the heat.”

She thinks it will serve the same purpose for Halifax.

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Colin MacDonald’s interview with Zeina Jreige

“We’re renovating an older building,” MacDonald says. “So the building itself has a lot of character. We want to make sure we get that comfortable atmosphere – the whole diner feel.”

This chick is getting ready to welcome all of its Halifax customers. (Zeina Jreige photo)

His primary concern is the quality of the food.

“It’s good comfort food. It’s simple, it’s healthy and it’s fresh… and it’s real. All of the products will be prepared in Bedford and then shipped to Halifax.”

The Chicken Burger’s original location has enjoyed the kind of customer base that MacDonald is hoping for on Queen Street.

“(We have had) a very eclectic, loyal customer base (and) we’re very grateful for that.”

“You can’t really duplicate the Bedford location. Everyone has this certain attachment to the (original place).”

However, MacDonald is optimistic that the Halifax location will be a place where customers can connect with the first spot.

Haddad says, “although the Bedford location has always done well because it’s a pit stop for travelers, I think Halifax will give Bedford a run for its money, since it’s in the core of Halifax. It’s across the street from a Dalhousie residence, Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s. It’ll be popular among students and downtown business workers.”

The new location looks identical to its sister spot in Bedford, which celebrated its 72nd birthday last Saturday. (Zeina Jreige photo)

Haddad adds that even though there are many food joints downtown, The Chicken Burger is unique. “Eating there is an experience because of all the history it holds.”

Doors may open by the end of March.

Queen Street is the third location of The Chicken Burger, it was recently established in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

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