Cutthroats: an assassin-school web series created in Halifax

Open auditions are being held for “Cutthroats”, a new web series based in Halifax

By Justin Hartling

The online series hopes to be fun and exciting for the audience(Justin Hartling photo)

Open auditions are being held for a new online webisode series in Halifax next week.

“The show is about an academy which trains students to become assassins or work for the company which funds the school. The show is called Cutthroats” explains co-writer Kate Malcom.

Malcom, an English major at Dalhousie , said “Jen [Flemming, co-writer and creator] came up with the idea and a lot of the characters that went with it. When she told me about it, she had the idea down for the series in her mind, and was asking for my input.”

Even though some of the lead roles are filled, there are still seven support roles available.

The pair aren’t expecting to make it big off this show. “Well, both Jen and I hope that the series will take off, and that viewers will love the story and characters as much as we do. Right now, our main goal for the series is for it to be fun both for us to create, and for viewers to watch as well” Malcom explains.

Web series are gaining in popularity. During a 2011 interview, Rich Mbariket – the creator of which aims to popularize online content – said,“Web series are very popular, and a lot of people are spending more time online. Especially now, with mobile devices becoming more inexpensive, more and more people are watching online videos and web shows. But nothing is ever going to replace television. People can’t live without TV.”

However, bigger television studios have begun to use web series as a way to attract users to their sites.

New web series’ such as Tom Hank’s Electric City and a prequel to Battlestar Galactica are expected to bring in a large audience.

Though Cutthroats has and will continue to face problems, friends of the creators have made it easier. For example, “friends who are letting us use their cameras and computers for the filming and editing process,” says Malcom.

The open auditions take place on Sat. Mar. 31 at 1 p.m in the Frazee Room at the University of King’s College.