Dalhousie swim team wins AUS championship

By Allie Sweeting

Dalhousie swim team member Colin Flysak at the AUS swim meet on Sunday.

The Dalhousie Tigers swim team added two more championships to their impressive record Sunday night at the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) swim meet. The news did not come as a surprise to many.

“It looks like we’re gonna win the AUS title this year again,” says Colin Flysak, a member of Dalhousie’s swim team, before the finals on Sunday.

This is the men’s 14th consecutive win, and the women’s 11th. Combined, the Tigers have a total of 47 titles since 1980.

Dalhousie’s swim team is known for its superiority over all other Atlantic teams. The team scored over three times higher than the University of New Brunswick, who was the first runner up.

“Dal is just such a dominant team in Atlantic Canada,” says Harry Critchley, another member of the Dalhousie team. “Last year they scored more points at this meet than every other team combined.”

He suspected that even if they didn’t score a single point on Sunday, their Friday and Saturday scores would still carry them to victory.

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Colin Flysak discussing the Tiger’s swim team success and his own.

“They’ve probably already won,” says Critchley after the first two days of competition.

The women’s 200 metre breast stroke is just one example of Dalhousie’s excellence this year.

“That was a really good race,” says Critchley, “because four girls, all from Dal … came first, second, third and fourth. Keishia (Mills) broke the record too.”

Both Flysak and Critchley credit the team’s success to Dalhousie’s sense of community.

“Even though swimming is sort of an individual sport, it’s very much like a team atmosphere,” says Critchley.“I love the coaches too. It’s a good program.”

“I swam all (personal) best times so far,” says Flysak. “A lot of good preparation and training set me up for it.”

After this meet, a couple more team members will qualify for the upcoming Canada Interuniversity Sport (CIS) meet. This year Dal set a record with the 34 qualifiers they are sending to CIS.