Birth control becomes student election issue

Contraception became a big issue in student elections at the University of King’s College.

By Amanda Jeffs

Reid A. Hoover speaks at the KSU election debate on Wednesday. (Amanda Jeffs photo)

Contraception became a big issue in the elections for the student union at the University of King’s College. One of the presidential candidates, Reid A. Hoover intended to cut funding for contraceptives.

“Recently there was a big woo-haw on the whole idea of how contraceptives
and the idea of sexual discussion was a big deal,” says Hoover, “It wasn’t that
I necessarily was trying to impose beliefs for those who may have moral issues
with the support of it, it was to just not have funding.”

This caused a lot of concern for students. First year Kings student Adriane Chalastra was one of many who were baffled.

“When I first read his platform, which was posted to
Facebook, it was extremely concerning and offensive,” says Chalastra, “especially the part about the contraceptives. That part concerned me the most because Kings, or any school really, should be, and are typically viewed as a safe
place for gay or transgendered people.”

Because of the uproar that ensued following the release of
his platform, Hoover decided to remove his policies on contraceptive issues
from his platform.

During the election debate held Wednesday evening in the
Kings Wardroom, Hoover was a voice of difference compared to the other
candidates. Hoover says the culture in the KSU remains very unbalanced, and
politically left. He hopes to change that with his own “conservative

Contraceptives weren’t the only issues concerning students
in Hoover’s platform. His lack of support for ‘The Day of Action’ was another
concern for Kings Students who are actively involved in fighting back against
rising tuition fees.

“His lack of support for the Day of Action was another thing
that was a concern to me” says Chalastra. “It just doesn’t seem as if he cares
about the students at all.”

“I’m not necessarily there to give students everything that
they want,” says Hoover. “I’m there to make sure things function well.”

The results of the election will be announced Friday evening.

Listen to an interview with Reid A. Hoover:

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