Peninsula store caters to female skaters

Pro Skateboard & Snowboards on Quinpool is one of the best places to find local skaters in the HRM.

Kt Lamond about to land a kick-flip in Pro Skateboards & Snowboards on Quinpool (Tamara Freeman photo)

By Tamara Freeman

Pro Skateboard & Snowboards on Quinpool is one of the best places to find local skaters in the HRM. Twenty-six years ago the store tuned into the skate style and began it’s roots from then on.

Kt Lamond, an employee at the store, arrived in Halifax from Cape Breton about a year and a half ago.

“I hadn’t skated with another girl in my life,” Lamond has been skating since grade six.

Skateboarding first emerged in late 1940s early 1950s when surfers in California were searching for surf when the waves were flat.

It was later that female skate culture began to emerge and girls soon began skating with the boys.

A view inside Pro Skateboards & Snowboards


She had worked in a skate shop in Cape Breton but decided to move to Halifax where she has met some pretty awesome people. Some of which include the other girls in the shop and other girls she has met on Monday Skate nights at the Commons.

Skate Witches which was originally a female skate blog across North America has made its  way over to Halifax.

On ladies skate night, which is starting back up in a couple of weeks, girls from all different levels and skate styles are invited to come out and give it a shot.

“Girls just literally trying to stand up and girls throwing themselves down the double step,” Lamond points out.

She has noticed that the current female skate style in Halifax has slowly changed over the span of six years.

Curtis Rothney landing a trick in the back of Pro Skateboards & Snowboards

“I feel like there is definitely a wider variety for skate inspired styles for women right now.”

About 10 years ago men shirts with crop sleeves used to be the style and it was all about guys designing women’s skate clothing.

“Now, it’s kinda weird, I feel like some people would criticize the way of skateboarding and fashion and how they have collided,” said Lamond.

Pro Skateboards & Snowboards is characterized as a local common space for all skaters in the HRM to come and chill before they head out to a skate session.

Lamond however pointed out that the shop has changed a lot especially in terms of female fashion.

Kt Lamond Interview

“A lot of girls that shop here aren’t skaters but at the same time a lot of female skaters would not fit female skater style. Not really abrasive anymore.”

Lamond points out that some of the stuff downstairs is a little too feminine for her to wear. She admits that, “ a lot of us girls that skate buy smaller versions of the guys clothes all the time.”

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Photos by Curtis Rothney

It just happens that in a skate shop, styles are continuously changing. “I think that any kind of retail store appropriates itself to shifts with trends. Just kinda how it goes.”

The skate style even in the past few years has shifted dramatically. “Looking at skate videos from six years ago people had dressed completely different,”Lamond pointed out.

Interview with Kt Lamond & Curtis Rothney
Interview with Kt Lamond & Curtis Rothney