First hints of spring have Haligonians ‘season-pushing’

With spring approaching Haligonians are breaking out their spring and summer wardrobes.

By Christine Bennett

Biscuit General Store, located on Argyle Street. (Christine Bennett photo)

With sunny days upon us and the spring season approaching, many Haligonians have begun to break out their spring and summer wardrobes.

But with March historically being one of the cooler months, are these people jumping the gun?

Wendy Friedman, owner of Biscuit General Store, has a name for these people. “Those are what we call season-pushers,” she said.

Clearly no stranger to season-pushing, Friedman described it as “kind of an anomaly — it’s something that occurs every season.”

“It’s not so much jumping the gun with spring trends,” said Friedman, “Trends can start now if they’re worn in a way that’s not dressing for a tropical resort.”

This doesn’t mean that spring and summer clothes need to stay hidden in the closet. There are “season-appropriate ways to wear things,” said Friedman.

She suggests that if women have new dresses they’re excited about, they can “throw on a blazer and pair of tights,” and the outfit becomes season-appropriate.

However, not only women are guilty of season-pushing — it’s common among both men and women. Friedman notes that “a lot of guys wear shorts all through the winter,” while girls, “especially on a weekend evening, don’t want to put a jacket over their new clothes.”

India Parhar is "season-pushing" in her shorts and tank.

India Parhar is a self-proclaimed season-pusher. “On the first semi-nice day of the year I was already wearing some of my spring clothes,” said Parhar, “The arrival of the warm weather is exciting.”

Friedman attributes this season pushing to “giddiness ” and “excitement, particularly with spring.”

“People want to bust out and are tired of bundling,” said Friedman, “People do it out of excitement.”

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India Parhar discusses “season-pushing”.

Parhar is one of these excited people.

“It’s almost a kind of ‘good riddance’ to winter. People are so tired of the cold weather at this point that we start wearing our spring clothes as soon as we can,” said Parhar, “It almost feels like it’ll speed up the arrival of spring. It’s also a pretty good excuse to go shopping.”

Friedman has advice for those tempted to break out their summer clothes: “Don’t put your dignity or health at risk.”