Global march involves Halifax

NOTE: This story contains a correction.

For Saif Bitar and Amer, today marks the global march to Jerusalem. They hope to bring awareness to Palestinian Land Day and the citizens who have suffered from the loss of basic human rights.

Bitar and Amer, who doesn’t want her surname used because of fears for her safety in the Middle East, have been broadcasting the event in order for people to be informed about the larger issue at hand.

It began with global organization in Jordan, to commemorate when the Israeli government confiscated 20 acres of land from Palestine in 1976.

The global march to Jerusalem takes place today to support those that have endured living with no electricity and poor living conditions as a result of having their land taken away.

Bitar says, “we want people to hear us in a peaceful protest, (and) that there are no problems with other religions.”

This is the first time the march is going on, both globally and in Halifax.

For Amer it is difficult, since there are those in opposition of the march because people assume it is a violent protest.

Both founders of the march say it’s nothing short of peaceful.

“It’s not just about religion, it’s about humanity. We want people to hear us (out),” says Amer.

The march will begin at Victoria Park and will finish at Grand Parade Square today at three P.M.

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Jordan is the closest to Palestine, “we want people to hear us and this is something that we are not going to be quiet about,” says Bitar.

Amer believes that a lot of people have been wrong in trying to make it seem like a religious issue.

“At the end of the day we are all human, so why not stand up for what we think is right. Everyone should be able to come.”

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Amer and Saif Bitar discussing the Global March to Jerusalem.

CORRECTION: March 5, 2018: Amer’s surname was removed because of concerns about her safety in the Middle East.