Halifax News Digest: March 30 – April 2

Other news from around the peninsula, as reported by other media outlets.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography nets $3.5-million in funding for structure upgrades (Metro News)

The Bedford Institute of Oceanography will receive funding as part of the government’s $5.8-billion plan to rebuild infrastructure across the country. The money will allow the institute to upgrade the older buildings, some of which are more than 50 years old. Most of the funds will come from the fisheries department, with a smaller contribution from Natural Resources Canada.

Open Sesame! Officials investigating late-night wanderers at new Halifax library (Metro News)

An investigation is underway after four people entered the new Halifax Central Library late Friday night. A witness said that they were outside the library at around 2 a.m. Friday and were surprised to see a young couple walk in through the unlocked doors. The couple said that there were already people inside when they entered, and the security team at the library acknowledges that security footage shows unauthorized people in the library at approximately 2 a.m.

Damaged N.S. tall ship towed inshore after difficult rescue at sea (CTV News Atlantic)

A tall ship from Nova Scotia is now moored near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, according the U.S. Coast Guard. After the ship experienced engine trouble and problems with the mainsail, the captain called for help. No one aboard the ship was injured. All nine crew members were rescued by a coast guard boat.

Maritime Reptile Zoo to close (CBC News Nova Scotia)

The Maritime Reptile Zoo has announced on its Facebook page that it’s closing, citing financial problems. Nova Scotia’s harsh winter has been hard on local businesses, and the zoo’s Facebook page says that the weather has left them “unable to recover.” All the animals are alive and well and are being relocated to other facilities in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Transit tweets roll in: Halifax Transit hosts digital town hall (Metro News)

Halifax Transit’s recent meeting at city hall encouraged Twitter users to make their voices heard using the hashtag #maketransitbetter. Some suggested that Mayor Mike Savage try using the transit system. Other suggestions included on-transit wifi, buses that run later in the evening, and consequences for people smoking at bus stops.

Bus driver helps Keiko the dog get home (The Chronicle Herald)

A two-year-old husky named Keiko jumped the fence surrounding her home and was found dodging traffic by someone waiting for the bus, who held onto her until the bus arrived. The driver, Gerry O’Donnell, bent the rules and brought Keiko on to the bus, where the dog remained well-behaved and sat looking out the window until O’Donnell finished her shift. O’Donnell brought Keiko to her home and the dog was reunited with her owner through the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network Facebook page, where the post has since gone viral.