Dal sailing team ready for spring

With warm days ahead, the Dalhousie Sailing Team will be out again.

By Carlie Connolly

With warm days ahead, the Dalhousie sailing team will be out again.

The university’s competitive team travels to New England to sail against American universities. A Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association started up recently and “We look to represent Dalhousie at Canadian regattas this year in Ontario and Quebec,” Hall says.

Last year, the keelboat athletes attended the Student Yachting World Cup in France. They qualified again this year. They’ll return to France in October.

Warmer weather lets people enjoy sailing in March (Carlie Connolly Photo)

Sailing at Dalhousie can be geared toward both recreational and competitive sailors, which is great news for both.

Justin Hall, a Planning student in his fourth year, is an executive member of the Dalhousie sailing team. He says students don’t need their own boat to sail and that transportation is included to the area by a water taxi. “It’s a pretty interesting perspective of the arm seeing it from on the water opposed to on the shore,” he says.

Weather is a key factor to enjoyable sailing. “A couple of years ago, our last day of sailing was Halloween and there was ice in the boats when we showed up that morning,” he says.

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