Intoxicated man pulls knife at NSLC

A drunk man tried to rob the Mumford Road liquor store. They refused to serve him. He became belligerent, threatened a security guard with a knife and police arrested him.

By Bryn Karcha

Police were called to the Mumford Road NSLC Tuesday night after an intoxicated man threatened a security guard with a knife.

The liquor store refused to serve him because he was drunk. The 31-year-old man then became belligerent and security had to remove him from the store. The incident occurred around 9:15 p.m.

“Security working at the store was called over and asked him to leave, which, he ultimately did leave, but produced a weapon and used it in a threatening manner toward the security officer,”said Const. Pierre Bourdages of the Halifax Regional Police.

The security guard contacted police while the man fled the scene. He was apprehended six minutes later. No one was injured during the incident.

“The man was arrested for intoxication. Once he sobered up he was released on paperwork to appear in court on Apr 29,” said Bourdages.

The suspect, who is known to police, was charged with possession of a weapon and assault with a weapon.

“Once the knife was used in the committing of an offence, it was considered a weapon. It becomes a weapon dangerous to the public peace,” said Bourdages. “He just waved the knife at the security guard. He did not attempt to stab or hit him with it.”