Jewelry from the East Coast for the East Coast

Jessica Bradford, Halifax, started her eco-friendly jewellery company Run free, Run Wild this past November.

By: Adrienne Bernstein

Jessica Bradford with her button earrings. (Adrienne Bernstein photo)

Jessica Bradford, Halifax, is giving new life to old materials with an East Coast twist.

Bradford started her eco-friendly jewelry company, Run Free, Run Wild, this past November. Her jewelry line features pieces that use elements from sea urchins to vintage lace, buttons and even leather from old gloves.

Bradford is a self professed collector, and after experimenting with jewelry in high school, Run Free, Run Wild was something she said, “was bound to happen.”

Vintage lace necklace and button earrings (Adrienne Bernstein photo)

Right now Run Free, Run Wild is only sold on Bradford’s website . While she features five pieces on her site, she does custom orders.

For inspiration, Bradford looks to the East Coast scenery.

“We have access to some of the most stunning, unspoiled natural beauty you could ever see,” says Bradford.

Bradford creates her pieces with the environment in mind. To her, being environmentally aware is more than just a trend.

“I think increasingly, people are becoming more environmentally aware, and just not wanting something that’s been mass-produced a thousand times over again in less than ideal conditions,” says Bradford. “I think that as people are becoming more aware, they are respecting the handmade and using deconstructed, secondhand materials to give new life to something.”

The urchin necklace (Adrienne Bernstein photo)

Bradford says the recent wave of sea-inspired accessories seen on the runways in recent fashion weeks concerns her.

“It made me worry in a way, because I would never want something that I’ve done to start a trend and people start fishing for sea urchins,” says Bradford. “But its also something that is cool to see,” she says, “because it’s something that I’ve been doing for a while, and now I’m seeing that all these big designers are doing it too.”

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Bradford is also the creator of the Halifax style blog, Haute Halifax.

“It’s my own little space to highlight fashion-related things in Halifax and also to use as a creative outlet for things that I find interesting,” she says.

While we may not get the big name designers on the East Coast, Bradford says that it actually shapes East Coast style.

“We get to be more creative with our style, instead of letting them dictate to us what is trendy.”

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