Joyce Murray critical of Harper’s Canada

Joyce Murray, the Vancouver MP vying for Liberal leadership, has a burning hatred for Stephen Harper and doesn’t care who knows it.

By Jon Bolduc

Joyce Murray speaks to students at King's after the Liberal leadership debates on Sunday. (Jon Bolduc photo)

Joyce Murray has a burning hatred for Stephen Harper and doesn’t care who knows it.

During a question and answer period at the University of King’s College on Sunday, Murray was highly critical of the current Conservative government.

“We have to defeat Stephen Harper,” said the Vancouver MP and Liberal leadership hopeful.

“Harper thinks that it’s okay to eliminate big parts of acts, like the Species at Risk Act. He thinks that he can pick and choose.”

Murray also accused the prime minister of being dishonest with Canadians.

“I don’t think lying to the public is an acceptable policy for the prime minister,” she said.

Equal Representation

Murray emphasized the importance of equal representation in her answers to student questions.

“One of the things about electoral reform is that in a more proportional system, politicians have to co-operate,” said Murray.

“If you think about any of the Northern European legislators, they are actually creating healthy countries with good social safety nets – they’re doing far more than we are, and they’re doing fairly well economy-wise.”

“Those omnibus budget bills … are an incredible travesty of the parliamental system,” said Murray.

“It’s going to seem normal to people, that you can take huge pieces of policy change, group them all together, and then allow two weeks for discussion with committees. That’s never been done before,” she said.

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The event was organized and put together by first year student Ezra Manson, a volunteer in Murray’s campaign.

“I knew of Joyce and had a few friends who worked in her office,” said Manson, who’s been following Murray’s campaign from a distance.

“When I met Joyce and her husband, I decided that I wanted to help. Seeing that I was in Halifax, the opposite side of the country, I figured that she probably didn’t have many volunteers here,” he said.

Murray said her stance on the Conservative government is what separates her from the other candidates in the Liberal leadership race.

“I have a chance,” said Murray, “It may be an eight person race, and I may be up against a celebrity (Justin Trudeau), but I have a chance.”