Lady Windermere’s Fan: An Actress’ Final Hoorah of the Year

Ellen Denny, who plays the lead role of Lady Windermere herself, is sad to have her year at Dalhousie come to an end.

Ellen Denny, front right with her fellow actresses, preparing for their show. (Carlie Connolly photo)

By Carlie Connolly

Oscar Wilde’s, Lady Windermere’s Fan has been all the rave this week for the theatre students of Dalhousie.

Fourth year acting student, Ellen Denny, who plays the lead role of Lady Windermere herself is sad to have her year come to an end. “I’ve been with this crew of 16 for three years so we’re all pretty emotional about it,” she says.

In the fourth year acting program through Dalhousie, the students get the chance to work with the same people, acting in three shows in their final year. As Denny says many of her friends in other theatre schools don’t have as many shows they perform in. Denny finds Dalhousie to be good preparation. “It’s been good to have the different shows experience,” she says.

There were several difficulties with Lady Windermere being Denny’s last show at Dalhousie. “One of the biggest challenges for me was doing the monologues because I’m on stage by myself and you’re not talking to anyone, so it can feel quite unnatural when you start,” she admits.

Everyone in her year was also expected to perform a dialect and she admits that doing a British accent was hard. Although there were struggles, the play went smoothly.

For this last play, the students got to work with a professional director.  The students  get a real feel for what the procedure might be like down the road.

Denny is wrapping up her acting degree but it isn’t the final goodbye for theatre. It’s just the beginning for her, as she has other plans on the horizon. “I’m also a singer, so maybe some musical theatre,” she says. Her biggest passion lies in Shakespeare and classical theatre. “I’m hoping to stick around here for a little bit, but acting all over Canada would be the goal,” she says.

Lady Windermere