Lecture series promotes cancer prevention

Prevent Cancer Now has a new lecture series this year which focuses on getting to know cancer and its hallmarks.

By Emily Hiltz

Leroy Lowe explains environmental causes of cancer (Courtney Zwicker photo)

Prevent Cancer Now has a new lecture series this year which focuses on getting to know cancer and its hallmarks.

Prevent Cancer Now is a Canada-wide movement and non-profit organization. The goal of the series is to provide the community with practical tools for healthier living, with the specific focus being cancer prevention strategies.

Leroy Lowe, a supporter of cancer research, and international business professor, shared his knowledge Wednesday at the opening lecture.

“The risks of getting cancer in Canada and the United States are two to four times greater than nearly 100 other countries,” explained Lowe. “Canada is one of the 10 worst countries to live for getting cancer, and roughly 95 per cent of cancer is caused by environmental factors.”

Lowe believes the most important preventative measure the public can take is a proactive avoidance of pesticides and synthetic additives in foods and personal care products.

Savayda Jarone promotes the six week cancer lecture series (Courtney Zwicker photo)

“Cancer is caused by cells that have been disrupted in many specific ways and we are exposed to great numbers of chemicals that can cause these disruptions every day,” said Lowe.

Savayda Jarone, a medical herbalist and one of the organizers for the event, believes that promoting optimal health is the best way to prevent disease, specifically cancer.

“Since it is we humans who affect our environment, we have both the power to harm and heal. I can’t sit back and not act when it is so obvious that as we pollute our environment we pollute ourselves,” Jarone explained.

Jarone also has a personal connection to the disease. One of her best friends and two of her grandmothers have died from cancer. “I would like to witness less cancer deaths instead of more like the statistics predict,” she said.

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There will be a lecture at the Westin Nova Scotian every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm for the following six weeks.

“The event is free and people can come to as many sessions as they’ll like, ideally they come out for all sessions,” said Jarone.

This year the speakers will consist of psychotherapists, business owners, nutritionists, and herbalists, all with a specific focus on cancer prevention.

“We all have our professional specialty and share the advances that have been made over the year, current research overlapping foundational information that won’t change from year to year,” explained Jarone.

This week the speakers are Allison Petten, a member of the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia and Lil Macpherson, founder and co-owner of the Wooden Monkey restaurant.