Maritime Museum Adds Photo Exhibit

By Braeden Jones

In the lobby of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Dave Butler is working hard to finish installing a new photo exhibit titled An Earnest Price.

The photographs, taken by Andrew Danson Danushevsky, are of the gravestones of Titanic victims.

2012 marks the passing of a centennial since the great ship and 1,517 passengers met their end in the cold North Atlantic. Given Halifax’s proximity to the accident, the coastal city has always had close ties to the tragedy.

The Nova Scotia Government has many events and exhibits planned for the coming weeks, one of which is the Earnest Price photo exhibit, which will run from April 3 to July 2.

An Earnest Price Exhibit opens April 3 (Braeden Jones Photo)

Danushevsky said in a press release that he “[chose] to represent those ordinary people who perished on and in the waters.”

The pictures are macro images printed onto thick placards. Danushevsky’s work represents 150 gravestones of Titanic victims buried in Halifax cemeteries.

Butler was contracted to install the exhibit, which he says comes with a number of challenges.

“The wall is old, the brick is uneven, the floor is uneven, and the artist was very particular about how he wanted it to look,” Butler says. In the end I think the mechanics I went with should be good. Not perfect, but as good as it could be.”

On April 3, Danushevsky will speak at the opening of the new exhibit.

Watch video of Butler discussing the challenges of the installation: httpv://

More at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The exhibit adds to the already robust Titanic exhibit at the museum.

The permanent exhibit has the largest group of wooden artificacts from the Titanic that can be observed year round, as well as information on the connection Halifax has to the tragedy.