New bus route departing soon to airport

A new Metro Transit route to the Stanfield International Airport is set to launch on May 31st.

By Hope Perez

A Metro Transit bus heads toward Scotia Square. (Hope Perez photo)

A new Metro Transit route to the Stanfield International Airport is set to launch soon. The planning for the airport route comes out of Metro Transit’s new budget proposal.

The new bus route will be a a part of the MetroX division of Metro Transit that focuses on routes outside of the main city centre.

Lori Patterson, who is in charge of public affairs for Transit Services, says it has “been underway for over two years but now that we are in the final phase, we are expecting for the launch on May 31st”.

Currently, the only forms of public transportation to the Stanfield International Airport are the Airporter Shuttle or cabs.

Airporter manager Carolyn Moline says, “I think it will impact us quite a bit.”

Metro Transit plans to offer monthly passes or the option to pay a premium fare for all MetroX routes. Without a pass, the bus will cost $3.25 per ride.

The new bus route may take customers away from the Airporter Shuttle, which costs $19.99 for a trip each way. The Airporter does not plan to raise its prices after the MetroX route starts to run.

“That is not an option from here. We aren’t about to raise prices because there is competition coming in. That is not fair to our customers,” says Moline.

Unlike other Metro Transit routes, the airport route will run 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Patterson says, “During the peak hours, the bus will run every 30 minutes. Approximately from 5:45 pm to 12:25 am from the airport.”

The bus will be available once every hour for the remainder of the day.

To create a route to the airport, Metro Transit had to buy new buses with luggage racks, similar to the shuttles or buses seen at larger airports.

Despite the new busses, “there will be a limited capacity, we expect it will probably be one bag per customer,” says Patterson.

Watch this video of Patterson discussing the challenges of creating the new bus route: