NSCAD gallery showcases students’ prints

First, second, and third-year students’ prints are on display (and for purchase) in the Seeds Gallery March 28 to April 15.

By Megan Marrelli-Dill

Robyn Touchie is NSCAD's student union president and is one of Ericka Walker's printmaking students (Megan Marrelli-Dill photo)

If you don’t know what a lithograph is, you’re not alone. But students at NSCAD  have been working on them all year. A lithograph is a method of printing.

First-second-and third-year students’ prints are on display, and for sale, in the Seeds Gallery March 28 to April 15.

The exhibit features a wide variety of prints; different sizes, methods and mediums.


“We were given sort of open, ‘produce-what-interests-you guidelines’” she explains. Her pieces are a self-portrait, a silhouette of hair and a print of an image with text overtop. All three of her pieces are lithograph prints. Touchie draws on a limestone, etches it with acid, rolls it with ink and then prints it.

“I think I have a tendency to be attracted to methods that are tedious and time consuming,” she explains.

Printmaking teacher Ericka Walker explains printing “could take anywhere from an hour to-month long printing sessions, where a master printer and an artist are working together for five days a week, eight hours a day, until they get the print that the artist says that’s what I want, that’s the one, addition that.”

But Touchie says putting together her pieces this year has gone smoothly. “There’s always ups and downs and you might get stuck but you always find your way through.”


NSCAD also has two other printmaking galleries open this month. The ACAD/NSCAD Printmaking Exchange Portfolio Exhibition and Hali-Graphika, a one day celebration of printmaking on March 31.

Robyn Touchie sits with her printmaking peers outside the Seeds Gallery (Megan Marrelli-Dill photo)