Quench the Poor benefit a success

Four Dalhousie students took the initiative to raise money to build a well in Ethiopia with their event Party More to Quench the Poor.

Facebook event page (Jessica Filoso photo).

By Jessica Filoso

Four Dalhousie students took the initiative to raise money to build a well in Ethiopia with their event Party More to Quench the Poor.

The event on March 15, hosted at The Argyle, featured DJ JR Loeb  from 10 pm to 1:30 am.

Getting other students aware of the cause was the main focus of the event.

“We kind of wanted to do something that would get all our friends together, and we would have a lot of fun, and it would also be for a project,” said Chloe Macpherson, one of the organizers.

The money is going to a program organized by Free the Children called Fund a Project, the goal is to give an Ethiopian community, Gelan Gura, fresh drinking water.

“They need $80,000 to build this full irrigation system, its an underwater pipeline and it will have two spots in the community that will have 12 faucets for the whole community, and it should provide 850 families with renewable water,” said Macpherson.

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Not only will the money provide the Gelan Gura community with water, but it will also teach them how to maintain the cleanliness of the water. By doing this the 90 per cent rate of illnesses in the community caused by water borne diseases will hopefully be lowered.

“We raised a lot more than I thought we would have,” said Macpherson.

The Argyle dance floor full of people (Jessica Filoso photo).

The students weren’t too pleased with only $150 to $200 in ticket sales the week before the event, but half way through the party, the Argyle began to fill up.

Macpherson hasn’t finished collecting all the money from the ticket distributers, but right now she has $890, which she predicts will grow to about $1,000.

“I had like $890 in my hands the other day, and it felt so good, I had to bring it to the bank and make a check for it, and it felt amazing,” said Macpherson.