Registration Reopens for Solar City Project

Registration for the Solar City program opened for the second time on Monday.

By Hayley Machat


Photo taken from Halifax's Solar City webpage.
Photo taken from Halifax’s Solar City webpage.

Registration for the Solar City program opened for the second time on Monday.The Solar City program provides HRM residents with free assessment and a financial payment plan for Thermo Dynamics solar water heating system.

The financial plan allows those enrolled to pay off  the $6400 to $8500 cost of installation in payments. Registrants are able to pay the fees all at once or in several payments for up to 10 years. The interest rate for the plan is 3.5 per cent.The website for the Solar City project claims that those participating would start to save more money than they would pay around the eighth year.

The city has assessed over 1000 homes as of January and aims to install 1000 systems in the next 18 months. The system is said to reduce energy costs by 25 per cent and approximately $350 annually.

The project was approved in December 2012, and the first installations were complete in Mar. 2013. Prior to the program, only 52 households had this system. To help promote the Solar City Project, there have been eight open houses, each attracting about 450 people.

There are plans to create more tracking materials, tip sheets and informative Youtube videos from Thermo Dynamics to help enrich the experience.

For more information and registration, visit  and

This graph from the HRM Solar City homepage shows the growth of users of solar heating
The growth of solar heating users between Mar. 2013 and Jan. 2014. Graph taken from