Second Cup to open on Quinpool

After several closures of coffee hot-spots in the area, Quinpool Road will soon play host to a Second Cup franchise where Perk’s once stood.

Work is underway to launch the new Second Cup at Quinpool and Vernon (Rose Behar photo)

By Rose Behar

Quinpool Road is getting a caffeine-boost. A new Second Cup location is opening in mid-April at the corner of Quinpool Rd. and Vernon St. It will take the place of Perks coffee, which occupied the corner until last year.

Students who live in the area say it can’t open quickly enough. “There was nowhere I could go really quickly for lattes,” says Dalhousie undergraduate Lisette D’Eon. “There’s a Tim’s close by, but no one goes there for good, specialty coffee.”

The new Second Cup might bring in some competition for smaller coffee shops on Quinpool. Ireland 32, an independent café only a few blocks west, may be at risk of losing customers.

D’Eon also mentioned the recent closure of Caffé Sospeso, an independently-owned coffee shop on Quinpool.

The new Second Cup location is part of an effort for the brand to gain more presence in Atlantic Canada. Wayne Vanderhost, vice-president of franchise development, told The Chronicle-Herald that the company plans to open five new franchises in the metro area over the next two years.