Second King’s Cup a success

Two teams faced off on the ice, competing for the glory of holding the King’s Cup. The winners? Alexandra Hall.

By Keili Bartlett

Sam Legere, captain of the Alexandra Hall team, with "WAR" on his jersey. (Keili Bartlett photo)

Two teams faced off on the ice, competing for the glory of holding the King’s Cup. The trophy is made out of a Garrison pitcher mounted on a wooden base.

A small, but rambunctious crowd gathered to cheer on their preferred residence’s team, calling for fights the entire game.

Alexandra Hall held the lead for most of the game, leaving the Bays scrambling to catch up.

In a last effort to win the game, the Bays’ pulled their goalie, adding an extra player with two minutes left on the clock. The move lost them the game.

Alexandra Hall won the second annual King’s Cup 4-2 on March 15th, closing the intramural hockey season at the University of King’s College.

“That’s the hardest hockey game I think I’ve played in a long time,” said Sam Legere, captain of Alexandra Hall.

The game was packed with action.

“We had fights, broken sticks, penalties, breakaways – the whole shebang,” said Christian Pollard, the Bays’ team captain.

“It was a full show.”

Fan cheers as Jake "Salty" Saltzman and Sam Legere are led to the penalty box following a fight. (Keili Bartlett photo)

“I feel great,” said Legere, who fought Jake ‘Salty’ Saltzman in the first period.

“I lost [the King’s Cup] last year, the first year we did it. For it to come back at all, let alone us win it, was awesome.”

A change of venue

Like all the league’s games, this year’s Cup, was hosted at the Halifax Forum due to the demolition of the Dalhousie Memorial Arena.

The King’s Cup had previously been held on St. Patrick’s Day. This year it was played two days prior in hopes of getting more fans to the game since the Forum is further from campus.

“We kind of knew going into it that we weren’t going to get that many fans out,” said Pollard.

“I mean, you can get buses and whatnot, but it’s only going to compare so much to being a five-minute walk away. So, we figured instead of making it on St. Patty’s Day, when people aren’t going to be willing to go, waste 20 minutes walking or half an hour walking, we’d do it on the day before and just try to have a really big party.”

St. Patrick’s Day fun

Even though the game wasn’t played on St. Patrick’s Day, the spirit of drinking was still present.

Alexandra Hall celebrates their victory. (Keili Bartlett photo)

“Anything you do on St. Patrick’s Day, you can assume there will be some drinking, especially if there’s students involved. Personally, I’m a big fan,” Pollard said, laughing. “But that’s what you get for St. Patty’s Day. Again, as long as no one’s dying or getting hurt, I’m happy.”

In the second period, a referee got ‘iced’. The referee had to chug a Smirnoff Ice on one knee.

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Dylan McAteer, goalie for the Alexandra Hall team talks about the King’s Cup.

“The fact that he contributed like that and made it a real fan event, I just thought that was pretty awesome,” said Dylan McAteer, goalie of Alexandra Hall.

“I thought that was pretty awesome, although that probably goes against many of the waivers I’m sure I signed,” said Pollard, laughing.

“I was down with it. Anything that makes the King’s Cup a better time.”