Shop second-hand this spring

Value Village has moved down the street to 165 Chain Lake Drive in the Bayer’s Lake shopping area in time for spring shopping.

By Deborah Oomen

Need a new spring wardrobe but don’t have the money? Shopping second-hand is an affordable way to get your closet out of its winter blues and the new Halifax Value Village location has just opened its doors.

After seventeen years at its previous location, Value Village has moved down the street to 165 Chain Lake Drive in the Bayer’s Lake shopping area. The store relies on a heavy amount of donations.

“We’re in partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, so they bring us ten truckloads Monday through Friday and then we have a drop-off donation area as well,” says Value Village Production Manager Margaret Gaul.

“Everybody’s welcome, everybody can find something here which is the best part about it.”

So what makes going through piles of old clothing – some of which might have mystery stains or looks like something your great-aunt would wear – worthwhile?

Fashion blogger and avid thrift store shopper Danna Storey says she appreciates how second-hand shopping fits her lifestyle both fashionably and economically,  “I like to live a reduce, reuse, recycle sort of lifestyle. I also have to shop on a budget, so shopping second[-hand] just makes sense. I like things that are a little more obscure and one-of-a-kind so it also fits into that desire too.”

One of Storey’s all-time favourite second-hand finds is a vintage, floral-beaded coin purse from Penelope’s Boutique, “It’s so beautiful, I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken to create and I love that it is mine.”

To prepare for her wardrobe Storey says she does some much-needed spring cleaning, “It’s awesome to go through [clothes], organize, decide what to keep, decide what you want to donate. I always forget things I have so it kind of gives me new inspiration and reminds me of how much I already have to work with.”

Dalhousie University student Daniel Pappo says he balances shopping between used and new clothing, but “the best thing about shopping second-hand is the reduced prices, and the anecdotal stories behind each piece.”

Pappo’s favourite purchase from a thrift store is a T-shirt made by the Thai brewer, Chang. “It’s got a sweet double elephant logo and was in pristine condition.”

After saving up all winter, Value Village is prepared to provide shoppers with everything they need to spruce up their wardrobes for spring.

“We prepare year-long, which basically means during the wintertime we’ll back-stock certain items such as capris, t-shirts, tank tops – that kind of thing – because we know that when spring and summer roll around we’re going to be needing it,” says Gaul.