Spa raises $5,000 for Laing House

On Sunday, Spirit Urban Spa hosted the first annual “In the Spirit of Laing House” event. It raised more than $5,000 for Laing House.

By Erin Meagher

Spirit Urban Spa in Halifax hosted "In the Spirit of Laing House" on Sunday to raise money for youth with mental illness (Erin Meagher photo).

On Sunday, Spirit Urban Spa hosted the first annual “In the Spirit of Laing House” event. It raised more than $5,000 for Laing House.

Laing House is a peer support organization for young people with mental illness. It’s located on Barrington Street, in Halifax.

Customers travelled from as far away as Truro and were treated to $20 hair cuts and massages, as well as $10 eyebrow shaping.

“The turnout has blown me away. It has been incredible, so many people,” says Nicole Devanney who works at the spa and was involved in the planning of the event.

Initially it was going to be first-come, first-serve, but the response was overwhelming and the spa started booking appointments.

Customers received hair cuts for $20 (Erin Meagher photo).

The spa has done events like this one in the past, however, this is the first time the proceeds went to Laing House.

“It was a group decision to choose Laing house,” says Devanney. “I volunteered with the Laing House Ball and one of our hair stylists, Jonathan Thurrott, walks by there every day and sees it. He just knows what a great event it is so we both came to the table with Laing House.”

Devanney says it took a little more time to organize compared to previous events.

“An event this size takes a little more time to pull together. We really wanted this to be a success so we put a lot of planning into it.”

In addition to the hair cuts, massages and eyebrow shaping, a silent auction was held throughout the day.

A silent auction was made possible by donations from the community (Erin Meagher photo).

Devanney says, “we had so many great donations from the community. We had an online auction just to give everyone a preview and we closed the online bidding this morning. People have continued to bid, it’s been great.”

The spa promoted the event on their Facebook page and they also put an advertisement in the Coast as well as on C100’s community website. However, the majority of customers found out about the event by word of mouth.

Laing House is located on Barrington St. just north of South St. in Halifax (Erin Meagher photo).

“It’s such a good cause and we all understand that a facility like Lang House is really needed,” Devanney says. “We have such a great partnership with Laing House and I think we’re hoping to continue it.”

Janet Whalen who works at Laing House adds “it was a terrific experience from Laing House perspective. The whole community effort was just astounding. We also had five of our members that got haircuts at the event. They all left the spa looking like a million bucks. I jokingly said yesterday, ‘hair cuts 20 bucks, confidence priceless.'”