Thefts reported on Dalhousie campus

Dalhousie recently released a security bulletin warning of a spike in thefts on campus.

By: Violet MacLeod

Keep your laptops with you while studying on campus this week. Dalhousie recently released a security bulletin warning of a spike in thefts on campus.

Thomas Dulong stands by the sign warning student of potential theft at the Weldon Law library. (Violet MacLeod photo)

Michael Burns, Director of Security at Dalhousie University says the four cases mentioned were all targeting electronics, laptop computers in particular.

Dalhousie Security’s Jacob MacIsaac, community safety officer, said that since the bulletin no more cases of theft have been reported to Dal security services. MacIsaac warned that it does not mean that there have not been any thefts or attempts.

Individuals may have reported cases of theft to the police, however, MacIsaac says that sometimes they are so embarrassed they take the loss.

The most popular items being stolen are iPhones and MacBooks. MacIsaac says that anything unattended will draw interest and has the potential to be taken.

Thomas Dulong, a third year student at Dalhousie is a frequent user of the Weldon Law building, an area that has recently been the site of laptop theft.

“I will leave things unattended for five minutes but never longer than that,” says Dulong.

MacIsaac warned that all it takes is a five minute window to commit a 30 second crime.

Dulong also says that he’s less worried about fellow students, as there is a community of trust on campus. Dulong says it’s individuals from outside the university community that are more of a worry.

Dulong’s concern is valid as two of the four incidents have been confirmed by police as having been committed by the same person. This individual is believed not to be connected to Dalhousie in anyway.

MacIsaac explains that it is important to inform campus security when a theft occurs.

“People should report so we (security services at Dalhousie) know how prevalent the issue is,” says MacIsaac.

Dalhousie sercurity services are working to make students aware of the issue of theft on campus, and of the need for students to monitor their belongings at all times. In an effort to prevent theft, security services will be patrolling areas such as the Killam library more often.