Spring? Bring on the shopping and cleaning

Spring has officially sprung, and for some of us, so has the rejuvenation of our dwellings.


Although our recent episodes of snowy weather would have us believe otherwise, spring has indeed sprung; and for some of us, so has the rejuvenation of our dwellings that is closely intertwined with the season.

Katie Brousseau is in the process of cleaning and re-decorating her house and is ready to invite the season into her life.

“I think it’s super exciting,” she says. “I love having that kind of fresh start in my house. I don’t like ever having a messy house, but I feel like in the spring you’re able to open up the windows and freshen up the house. It feels clean and fresh.”

Brousseau is planning to do a series of things to freshen up her home, including purging her closet of clothing that she doesn’t typically wear every day in preparation to make a donation to the Salvation Army, something she usually does in the spring.

“Obviously it [clothing] has to be in good condition, I’m not going to donate garbage, but good quality things that I won’t get much use out of.”

In addition to de-cluttering, Brousseau has some cleaning to do. She pulls out her recently purchased Swiffer WetJet and shows off her cleaning skills.

“I know it’s a bit of a silly thing to get excited about, but I can’t wait to use it,” says Brousseau with a chuckle.

Out with the old

After a short cleaning session of her sand coloured laminate, Brousseau is ready to replace some of the old with the new. She heads to town for a bit of shopping at Thornbloom, a local home decor store.

“I’m looking for a couple of things to liven up the place,” says Brousseau.

One of the employees of Thornbloom, Melanie Stetson, cannot wait for the cold weather to subside and says that the business usually picks up around this time of year.

“I think for us [Nova Scotians], where we are, it’s the weather thing,” says Stetson. “People want a change even leading up to the season and sort of hope to bring it in a little sooner.”

What’s in?

Easter decor
Easter is a sure sign of spring. (Brandon Young / Peninsula News)

Stetson takes a minute to provide a few tips and tricks for spring renewal and also shares some of the season’s trends.

“We’re already seeing lots of different colours. People want colour because it’s been so dark,” says Stetson. “And nautical is always great for spring and summer, it just works for our climate and area.”

As for re-organizing, she says that simply by removing everything from a room and putting back only the essentials is a fresh way to go about spring home renewal.

Candle holders in the forms of jars, Easter rabbit figures, and bowls ideal for salads are a-plenty. However, Stetson has her eyes on something quite nautical.

“I’ve got my eye on a quilt set up there,” says Stetson, pointing. “It’s got little sharks all over it and I think that’s hilarious and adorable. Sometimes that’s all you need.”

After a browse of the store, Brousseau decides upon a couple of the jar shaped candle holders.

“They’re super cute,” says Brousseau. “I’ll think they’ll fit the simple feel that my house has going on.”

The drop

Brousseau browsing
Brousseau browses for something new for spring. (Brandon Young / Peninsula News)

Brousseau then makes her way to the Salvation Army thrift shop located in the south end for a clothing donation drop off, and after a bit of browsing, takes some time to reflect on the beneficial aspects of spring de-cluttering.

“I really think it’s a win-win situation for everyone,” she says. “Look, I’ve cleaned my house and it smells amazing, the clothes that I don’t really wear are going to a good cause, and I bought new stuff to make my house look on trend for the season. There isn’t really a downside to this at all.”