Stabbing at nightclub not as bad as you think: bouncer says

Bouncer says that the media sensationalized a stabbing at The Palace nightclub on March 4.

By Zeina Jreige

The top deck of the Halifax club. (Zeina Jreige photo)

The Palace Nightclub in downtown Halifax got some unwanted, and possibly unfair, press earlier this month. A 22-year-old man was found lying on the sidewalk having been stabbed in the stomach. Some people at the club that night feel the media sensationalized the story.

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A security guard, who wishes to remain anonymous, says, “there wasn’t really a fight, no. (The suspects) were high on drugs before they came into The Palace.”

The bouncer believes that reporters and readers exaggerated the situation.  The rumours made the incident seem worse than it was.

Bianca Garibaldi, a Dalhousie student who was there the night of the incident, agrees. She hadn’t heard of the fight until a friend posted the story by The Chronicle Herald on her Facebook wall the next morning. She thinks the article may have spread some misleading information.

Bianca Garibaldi stands outside of The Palace Nightclub, where the victim of the March 4th stabbing collapsed onto the sidewalk. (Zeina Jreige photo)

An ambulance was called, but the bouncer says this is usual protocol, “(We’ll call) an ambulance for anything at all. Any incident relating to any injury has to have an ambulance present. Even for a sprained ankle we’ll call (one), but it was just a little cut. Nothing too serious – it was like a scratch.”

He says the weapon used was a small pocket knife.

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Garibaldi doesn’t think the stabbing affected the nightclub’s business.

“As far as I know, all my friends are still going. It would be expected to negatively affect attendance, but I don’t think it has.”

The security guard says, “nothing has changed in capacity. St. Patrick’s Day was very busy. Nothing like this has happened in 16 to 20 years,” which is why he thinks people responded the way they did.

All seems calm as cars pass by the scene. (Zeina Jreige photo)

The 19-year-old says the issue hasn’t swayed her outlook on the club, but that it makes her more cautious about her surroundings.

Garibaldi has recently heard concerns about going to larger bars or clubs. She believes the more people, the more potential there is for something like this to happen again.


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