Stadium investment deadline looms

Companies in Halifax have until February 17th to decide whether they will fund the stadium or not.

By Justin Hartling

The deadline for companies to build the proposed stadium in Halifax is February 17th.

Proposed design of stadium that could be built in Halifax (CEI Architecture)

“I wish we could say it is very very close, but at the end of the day we need to see who responds to the expression of interest” says Mayor Peter Kelly.

The proposed stadium would be initially used for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Time is beginning to run short for the proposed stadium if it is to get built in time.

In December, FIFA gave Halifax a three month extension in order to find the money to build a stadium worthy of hosting such an event. The deadline for Halifax is March 31st.

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Between February 17th and March 1st, enough funding must be raised to build the required stadium and city council has to approve it.

At least 20,000 seats need to be available, between permanent and temporary seating.

Kelly says that the city council “wants [the stadium] to be multipurpose, multi-use so it’s not only geared towards football or soccer or anything else. We want to make sure it’s used for many different things.”

However, there has been some concerns raised about how practical such a large stadium is to a community with no professional or university sports teams that need a field.

Cities with similar populations to Halifax, such as Winnipeg and Moncton, have been able to support stadiums. Kelly says this is Halifax’s opportunity to move the stadium issue forward.

“It’s no longer a point of if. It’s a matter of when.”

Out of the seven cities vying for the bid; Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Moncton and Halifax, all but Halifax already have stadiums constructed that can meet FIFA standards.

The tournament will be hosted across several cities for different groups of teams.

FIFA will make their final decision by May.

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