Dalhousie students want answers from DFA

A Dalhousie strike is looking less likely but students still want answers.

Sarah Peacock, a student at Dalhousie University provides her opinion on the strike (Tamara Freeman photo)

A Dalhousie strike is looking less likely. On Thursday, the provincial government solved the biggest issue on the bargaining table, but not all the issues.

The Nova Scotia government granted the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) full and permanent solvency relief. The university will not have to switch its pension to a jointly-sponsored program.

Conciliation continues as we go to print.

But students are growing irritated with the uncertainty. Some of them are unsure about the reasons behind it and the effects it will have on final papers and exams.

Second year undergraduate student Jordan Gardiner is annoyed that students are not getting straight answers from the DFA.

“We’re the ones paying and we have no answers,” she says. “I guess they don’t really either, but it’d be nice to get more information on it.”


Third-year psychology student Rachel Sheiner says friends who are scheduled to graduate in April would be especially affected by a strike.

“They’re really freaking out,” she says. “They have all these plans for their post-grad, and if our classes don’t count … all these people have to come back to school for another year when they thought that they could go and get jobs, start their lives, go to grad school.”

International development student Sarah Peacock says it would be unfortunate if a strike caused classes to extend into the summer months. She already has a flight home booked for April 10.

Updates regarding the strike are posted on the DFA website and the Negotiations at Dal blog. But whether the strike will actually happen remains a mystery.

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