Students discuss Dal strike resolution

By Hope Perez

No strike? Oops, I already booked my flight home.

On March 11, the Dalhousie administration and the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA).

The Dalhousie administration posted this update Sunday afternoon on their negotiations website:

Luke Schuster heads back to the library on Monday. (Hope Perez Photo)

“Over the weekend, representatives of Dalhousie University and the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) reached a tentative agreement on a three-year collective agreement. The next step is for the Board of Governors and the DFA to ratify the tentative agreement. We are hopeful for a positive outcome.”

The tentative agreement was reached after the provincial government granted solvency relief to the university’s pension plan. With this being the biggest obstacle during these negotiations, a final resolution is expected soon.

Some students believe they were not given the full story during negotiations.

Luke Schuster is one student who felt Dalhousie could have done a better job updating students.

“At any point this weekend I had no idea whether or not they were getting to a final resolution or going back to square one. I had no idea until Sunday afternoon what the strike had come to,” says Schuster.

Dalhousie spokesperson Charles Crosby says, “I understand students reached mixed messages from professors and the [Dalhousie] website. I don’t know what went on in the classroom but I do sympathize with the students.”

Luke Schuster talks about communication between the university and students

A second year student, Beretam Yaako, felt the university did a great job updating students given the nature of labour negotiations.

“I think they did very well in that aspect. They were sending emails regularly. Sometimes they would send two emails a day,” says Yaako.