Retailer splurges on new location

Splurge Handbags may have shut its doors at Park Lane Mall, but the boutique is far from closing down.

Sarah deWolf smiles for the camera as she wraps tiaras and brooches for her customers. (Zeina Jreige photo)

by Zeina Jreige

Splurge Handbags may have shut its doors at Park Lane Mall, but the boutique is far from closing down.

The apparel and accessories boutique has relocated to 1480 Brenton Street, taking the place of Dio Mio Gelato. The store is bigger and better than ever.

“Definitely some people haven’t seen our advertising that we’ve moved but word of mouth is spreading quickly,” says Sarah deWolf, creator and owner of the boutique. “We’re gaining new customers every day because of walk by traffic. In the summer, numbers will be way up because we are out on the street now and more visible.”

Hair bands are just one of the many accessories sold at the shop! (Zeina Jreige photo)

deWolf expects to see both tourists and locals. “Also the new condo building on South Park Street, The Trillium, will bring us customers too.”

Nadin Dajani works in the store. She also suspected that people would confuse the store’s jump as closing down, but now she says, “more people are realizing where we are.”

Dajani says Halifax is a hard city for an independent store to survive. She feels relocating causes problems for local entrepreneurs, since most shops downtown are individually controlled and typically an owner’s only sourceof income. This is the case for deWolf.

Dajani, 20, says she prefers the new location. She’s having more fun with customers since there is more space, product and selection.

“There is nothing worse than knowing exactly what (shoppers) are looking for and not being able to provide it.”

More space makes way for more inventory and scarves galore. (Zeina Jreige photo)

Dajani also likes that the store no longer has to answer to Park Lane’s regulations on store displays and music.

deWolf launched her business back in 2002, only having experience in the garment industry while living in Bali, Indonesia.

The fitting rooms and lounge area are fit for a queen! (Zeina Jreige photo)

She hopes to branch out to places like Moncton, “…because the French have great style and there is little in the way of independent boutique shopping. It’s close enough to Halifax for me to be able to manage and it has an expanding municipality with a strong consumer index,” says deWolf.


Emma Habibi, a frequent customer who was unaware that Splurge relocated, says “even though the mall was more convenient because it’s next to everything else, I’ll make that extra trip because I know it’s worth it.”

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