News Digest: April 3-7

Other local news as reported by other media.

Trailer Park Boys appeal to government to save film tax credit (CBC Halifax)

Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay, also known as the famous Trailer Park Boys trio, took to the Internet as their television personas to rally support to stop any cut that might be made to Nova Scotia’s Film Tax Credit. Though Diana Whalen, Nova Scotia’s finance minister, claims that companies who receive the tax credit do not pay taxes, others disagree. The actors’ public service announcement, viewed hundreds of thousands of times and counting, encourages the public to contact Whalen and ask her to reconsider the possible cut.

‘Something to experience:’ Caution tape, sculpture used to challenge art gallery visitors in Halifax (Metro News)

John Greer’s retroActive, a show currently being shown at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS), places art in the space in ways that challenge the gallery’s visitors, an example being his use of caution tape across doors to force viewers into different positions. Visitors crouch, bend and travel through the gallery to see his work. Greer is a professor at NSCAD University who has also won the Governor General Award.

Winter clinic closures leads to blood shortage in Atlantic Canada (Global News Maritimes)

Due to a challenging winter, Canadian Blood Services had to cancel 60 clinics this past year in Atlantic Canada. Canadian Blood Services says it is short 2,300 units of blood from what it expected to collect. Because blood is perishable, the poor road conditions and bad weather caused problems for transportation of both donors and deliveries.

Street snowboarders are riding high in Halifax (The Coast)

Jibbing, a subgenre of snowboarding, is done by taking a snowboard to the streets for your winter ride. Ian MacArthur and friends take their boards in search of poles to ride and the ideally formed snowbanks for a smooth ride. The stormy winter has provided more spots than previous ones with consistent heavy snowfall, and despite having boarded on the West Coast, MacArthur still enjoys coming home to explore the East Coast landscapes.

Canada beats Finland to win world curling bronze (News 95.7)

This year, the Canadian curling team made the move to the podium, beating out Finland to win the bronze medal at the Sunday morning game of the world men’s curling championship in Halifax. The team played a confident game in front of a 2,801 person crowd at Scotiabank Centre.