Players bounce at Bubble Soccer Halifax’s debut

An all-day tournament on Saturday marked the first appearance of bubble soccer in the Maritimes.

Bubble Soccer Halifax made its Maritime debut this weekend in the gym of Armbrae Academy. Fourteen teams suited up for a tournament that went all day Saturday.

The sound of squeaking sneakers and laughter filled the gym, along with the occasional thud of a teammate and their bubble bouncing off the ground.

Groups of 10 signed up for 40 minute games throughout the day. The groups were then split into two teams and each player squeezed into their respective bubble and began a bouncy game of indoor soccer.

Colleen Armstrong gathered a team of friends to play at the inaugural event. By the end of the second half, all players were sweaty and carefree.

“It was so much fun,” said Armstrong. “The best part is the first time you get hit. You just go flying through the air, and then you realize you’re not going to get hurt.”

“Well, not too badly,” added Dana Hodgins another player on Armstrong’s team.

Players ran around the gym bouncing off each other and the walls, stopping every once in a while for fresh air and rest.

Tim Tanner poses beside his bubble at the end of a fun game. (Photo: Caora McKenna).
Tim Tanner poses beside his bubble at the end of a fun game. (Photo: Caora McKenna).

Patrick Toupin — the man behind the bubbles — had seen videos on the Internet of people playing bubble soccer. Being a soccer player his whole life, he wanted a chance to play.

“It just seemed like a good fit for me,” said Toupin.

When he discovered there was nowhere in the Maritimes to play, he started researching different products. Last month he bought his own fleet of bubbles and started the small business: Bubble Soccer Halifax.

Toupin decided to start the business to compensate for the cost of the bubbles, which are $400 each. “If I can spread the game and maybe make a little on the side that would be great,” he said.

Marianne Parent, Toupin’s girlfriend, was unsure of the idea at first but let him run with it. “We’ll see how it goes,” she said. “So far I’m really impressed.”

Toupin’s background in engineering led him to research and buy the best quality bubbles for his small business. He could tell that the product was new because of the “material science behind it.” He said that “for it to be strong and clear and also not smell makes a big difference.”

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Even though the bubbles were clear plastic, Tim Tanner, another player on Armstrong’s team, still had difficulty seeing. However, he said that reduced visibility added to the fun.

“You’re kind of like a deer in headlights, but then you just get hit and bounce back,” said Tanner.

Toupin hopes to start up a summer league and rent out the bubbles for birthday parties and events.

As word of this new sport spreads, Bubble Soccer Halifax’s website and Facebook page remain the place to stay up to date on upcoming events.

News Digest: March 21-24

Catch up on happenings on the Halifax peninsula, as reported by other news outlets.

Needs attempted robbery, gas and dash net 1 arrest (CBC News) 

Halifax Regional Police are investigating two incidents that occurred in Halifax early Tuesday morning. Police say a suspect tried to rob the Needs convenience store on Chebucto Road and Windsor Street at 3:25 a.m. Police allege the same man then stole gasoline about half an hour later from a gas station on Dutch Village Road. Police arrested a 39-year-old suspect.

 Schools closed throughout Maritimes thanks to snow clearing (Chronicle Herald) 

All schools under the jurisdiction of the Halifax Regional School Board were shut down on Monday to allow for snow clearing in order to ensure the safety of students and staff. The board said it needed another day to improve conditions at the schools following last week’s snowstorms. Some schools in northern New Brunswick and Newfoundland, along with the English Language School Board in P.E.I. were also closed.

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Two cars collide after police chase in Cowie Hill (Chronicle Herald) 

A driver crashed into another vehicle during a police chase in Cowie Hill on Sunday night. The driver, a 22-year-old man, is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and flight from police. Officers tried to stop a Honda Civic at Northwest Arm Drive and Cowie Hill Connector for a motor vehicle infraction. The vehicle crashed head-on into a Ford Escape on Mayo Street. The drivers of both vehicles were treated by paramedics at the scene. There were no serious injuries. The accused is due in Halifax provincial court on April 28.

Woman seriously injured after being run over by impaired driver in parking lot: Halifax police (Metro News)

A 31-year-old woman from Cole Harbour suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries after being run over by an alleged impaired driver in a Dartmouth parking lot, on Saturday evening. The driver, a 20-year-old Dartmouth man, was arrested at the scene and is charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and having a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

 Arrest made after man stabbed in face outside Halifax Central Library (Metro News)

Halifax Regional Police arrested a 23-year-old man at 10:22 p.m. on Saturday in relation to Tuesday’s stabbing outside the Halifax Central Library. The arrest occurred three days after police say the man fled the scene after stabbing a 35-year-old man in the face. The 23-year-old faces charges of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and breach of probation.