The Five Fishermen Grill enters its first Burger Week

The Five Fishermen Grill takes part in its first Burger Week, inspired by The Auction House’s success last year.

There are 60 restaurants participating in Burger Week this year; the Five Fishermen Grill made sure it was one of them.

The restaurant, in downtown Halifax, is participating in the popular food event for the first time.

Halifax Burger Week showcases burger venues across HRM. Most burgers sell for about $5 with some of the proceeds being donated to Feed Nova Scotia. The Coast launched the first Burger Week in 2013.

The Five Fishermen Grill’s Burger Week special is the $5 Portobello Burger. It made 37 burgers on Thursday, the first day of the event, and 131 on the next.

Heather Brown, the restaurant’s general manager, said they got a boost from the new Burger Bus, which took diners around to different locations before Burger Week began.

“We got really good reviews for our burger. People talked about it a lot, so by the time Burger Week started there was already a bit of talk about the Five Fishermen burger,” said Brown. “We were busy right off the start.”

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Brown is also manager of the Auction House restaurant two doors down from the Five Fishermen. The Auction House participated in Burger Week last year, and that convinced Five Fishermen to take part this year.

“Burger Week was brought to our attention last year around this time, and at that point the Auction House had only been open a few months, so we thought it was a great way to bring our presence to the attention of the public,” said Brown. “So we participated, and had a lot of success.”

This year, the Auction House made 200 burgers during the first day of Burger Week. On Day 2, it made 355 of them, mainly the Tandoori and Chorizo Burger.

“We average about 300 to 400 burgers a day during Burger Week,” said Brown. He added those numbers are about 50 per cent of their sales during the week.

About $30,000 was raised for Feed Nova Scotia in the first two years of Burger Week.

James Stevens is participating in his first Burger Week as a customer and has been to two burger joints.

“I think it’s awesome. We get to try burger places all over the city and also most places are donating money to Feed Nova Scotia, which is a great thing to do,” said Stevens.